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Tuesday Nutrition Tip

With the COVID-19 Pandemic I have been seeing more eating disorder patients, whether it be a relapse of Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating and disordered eating patterns.

A few examples;

- I have seen patients diagnosed with COVID-19 with the diagnosis of COVID-19 came with no taste and this was linked to a relapse in their disordered eating patterns.

- With the diagnosis of COVID-19 came with isolation and this was linked to binge eating post the diagnosis with fear of going out post diagnosis

How to address;

-Research has indicated that olfactory/taste/ smell dysfunction is recovered in about a month can be longer for some patients

  • Try a variety of flavors, temperatures and textures. Don’t give up on foods. What tastes “off” today may taste normal next week.

  • Eat foods that taste good. Keep a list of these things.

  • Avoid foods that taste bad.

  • Try spices and herbs on foods or condiments to increase taste

  • Try warm/ to mildly hot lemon-honey water for comfort

  • Try ginger pieces/ ginger if "no taste" comes w/ nausea

-Involve your healthcare team with your feelings of isolation/Binge Eating

  • Keep Trigger foods out of the home

  • Practice Mindful Eating techniques(we discuss together at the appointment)

  • Keep a food journal/ write down emotions/ feelings in journal/ try to relate eating patterns to your emotions(recognize your feelings instead of eating them so to speak)

  • Try to have the patient find a person they feel comfortable eating around


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