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Tuesday Nutrition Tip/ Diabetes Group Class Series/Quotes

We have currently completed 2, 8 week Diabetes Group Class Series and I wanted to share a few direct quotes from participants:

-"Last night's group was really good, the kick I needed...thank you!"

-"I have learned so much about different Diabetes medications/ function(s), I had no idea."

-"Knowing all about complications that can arise from not well treated Diabetes, made me want to check my glucose readings."

-"It was nice to have someone else to talk to about Diabetes who understands."

-"I am so glad to hear that other people feel the way I feel about my fears about Diabetes."

-" I feel like I am not alone."

Diabetes education delivered in a group setting may offer advantages over one-on-one counseling. Of 77,824 adults who had diabetes self-management education in 2006, the majority received individual counseling while the rest either attended group classes or underwent a mixture of both.

Participants who attended group sessions were about half as likely as those in individual counseling to visit the emergency room or be hospitalized for high or low blood glucose.

Group members were also about a third less likely to require hospital care for foot ulcers or foot infections. A1C testing and statin use were more common among group-class attendees.

Group sessions tend to be longer than individual visits and allow people to help each other solve problems, researchers say. Source: Canadian Journal of Public Health, May/June 2014

Please join our Virtual Diabetes Group Classes, rolling admission, Monday evenings at 6pm and Thursday mornings at 8am.

I would be happy to consult with you.


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