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Welcome to MFM's Weight Management Program

At Middleton Family Medicine, our weight management program is a comprehensive approach overseen by our Endocrinology department. Our team includes a dietitian, endocrinology physician, and/or nurse practitioner.  Our goal is to support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving sustainable weight loss.

Program Overview

Medications for Weight Loss

Weight loss medications are elective and used as a tool in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Several FDA-approved medications are available, and we will review if any of these options are appropriate for you during your appointment.

Insurance and Prior Authorizations

Medication Refills

Refills are not given between follow-up visits unless previously arranged.

Ensure your pharmacy faxes a refill request at least 3 to 5 business days before your medication runs out.

Program Conduct

Abusive language and demanding behavior will not be tolerated and can result in termination from the program and discontinuation of weight loss medications.

Let's Help You Achieve Your Goals

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