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On-site Laboratory

Our practice is proud to offer an on-site lab facility in partnership with LabCorp. With LabCorp's expertise and advanced laboratory technology, we provide convenient access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and timely results. Our on-site lab ensures efficiency and accuracy, allowing for seamless coordination between sample collection and analysis.

Our lab is available Monday through Friday, 7am - 5pm and is available by appointment only. Please 978-774-2555 to schedule.

Results are available via the patient portal.

Lab Results

If labs are processed at MFM, please allow 5 days for results. Please allow 7 days for those done at LabCorp.

  • Please note that facilities like the hospital, LabCorp, or Quest may send your results to you as soon as they are back, even before they have been reviewed by a provider. We ask that patients do not call about these results as a provider will be reviewing them and be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • We prioritize results so the most urgent and critical results are called first.

  • We encourage patients to use the portal as this is a fast way to receive results from your provider.

  • Stool samples can sometimes take at least a week to result. It may be faster if done at the hospital.

  • Pap smears take 1-2 weeks to result.


Please also note that labs sent to the portal may say they are within normal limits, but you will see a slight abnormality in the value. There are many scenarios where those abnormalities are still within normal limits. If you have specific questions or concerns, we encourage you to send a portal message to your provider.

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