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On-site Radiology

Middleton Family Medicine offers a comprehensive range of ultrasound services to meet your diagnostic needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our skilled team provides head, neck, abdominal, genitourinary, soft tissue, and vascular imaging.


We accept most insurance plans for these services, and our dedicated Patient Care Representatives can assist you in determining coverage.


Additionally, our in-house echocardiograms are conducted by experienced professionals and interpreted by a local cardiologist, ensuring accurate and timely results. For your convenience, we also provide X-ray services on-site, allowing for efficient and coordinated care.


X-ray services are by appointment only Monday through Friday. 

Please 978-774-2555 to schedule.

Imaging Results

Results for imaging done at the hospital will be posted on MyLaheyChart before the provider has had a chance to

review them. We ask that patients do not call about these results as a provider will be reviewing them and be in

touch with you.

  • Our provider team is constantly watching for results. If imaging was done for acute symptoms, we will be in touch ASAP. If imaging was done for screening or routine monitoring, we will be in touch as soon as we can. We prioritize results so the most urgent and critical results are called to patients first.

  • Echos may take one week to complete.

  • Stress Test results are reviewed by a cardiologist and may take one week to complete.

  • Zio Patch can take 1-2 weeks after the test is sent back to get the result.

  • Sleep studies can take 1-2 weeks after the test is sent back to result.

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