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Salem New Article: Permanent testing site opens in Middleton

By Erin Nolan Staff Writer Feb 22, 2021 (Salem News)

Chief Operating Officer Elaine Horrocks explains the features of the canopy at the Middleton Family Medicine in Middleton amid the coronavirus pandemic. The canopy is currently used for COVID testing, but there are plans for it to administer the COVID vaccine and in the future be the "sick" waiting room. JAIME CAMPOS/Staff photo 2/17/2021

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic have led Middleton Family Medical Center to completely change the way it approaches infectious diseases.

The primary care provider recently began administering COVID-19 tests under its newly constructed drive-thru canopy, and the center’s Dr. Mark Allara said the permanent structure will continue to play a vital role in how the practice functions post-pandemic.


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