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Success, Our 1st Wellness Group at Middleton Family Medicine

Dr. Tramontozzi and I have completed our 1st, 15 week Wellness Group. It was a success and great fun!!

  • The total weight loss for 6 participants combined in 15 weeks was 84 lbs, AMAZING!!

  • The participants also saw improvement in their cholesterol lab values, blood pressure and glucose values.

Quotes of happiness from our participants:

-"I am down 46lbs and I lost 2 this week.

I am going to miss the group. It was nice to do this. It brought great joy especially during this damn pandemic!"

-"The laughter in the group made my day."

-"It was so nice to have the support."

-"I consistently lost weight."

-" Great information to help me to lose weight."

-"I am going to start a walking group w/ other group members."

We are excited to be starting another Wellness group in the Fall.


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